American Christian Writers can help you get into print with its exclusive Write Now! books and complete writing courses:


An Introduction to Christian Writing
Ethel Herr

“This book is indispensable for the apprentice Christian Writer. If you hear the call to write as a Christian Writer this is the book to spiritually and technically get you going in the direction that God is calling you. If you can’t afford joining the Christian Writer’s Guild’s two year course, Ethel Herr stands in as your mentor and guides you through the learning process, developing your disciplines and skills. Everything you need to get going as a Christian writer is in this book. Her exercises and assignments really work your writing muscles. Buy your Christian Writer’s Market and this book [and] you will be good to go. I highly recommend this book for every writer’s library.”
Review by A. L. Harden

Regular $17.00
Our price $12.75


A Complete Guide to Writing for Publication
Edited by Susan Titus Osborn

“As a journalist who is beginning to also write for the Christian market, I found this book extremely interesting and helpful. The chapters cover everything from praying for guidance, to how to make your manuscript more saleable to how to write for different markets (children, teens, romance, historical fiction, education, etc.). I especially enjoyed the chapter about how to write humor by James Watkins (who has some great humor in print!) and how to make a living as a freelance writer by Dennis Hensley. This book is a wonderful resource that I will refer to again and again.”
Review by Grace Housholder

Regular $15.00
Our price $9.00



How to Write and Sell a Christian Novel
Gilbert Morris

“Morris, a highly acclaimed Christian author, illustrates the art of developing the three basic elements of novel writing: plot, character, and setting. In well-defined terms, with a collection of examples from his own published novels, Morris guides the aspiring novelist in constructing a plot, deciding on point of view, writing dialogue, and developing character and setting. He concludes each chapter with helpful exercises to develop the skills just taught. His final chapter details the steps of marketing, including formatting manuscripts and surviving rejection. Highly recommended as a practical resource for aspiring writers.”
Review in Book List by Patty O’Connell

Regular $12.00
Our price $7.20



You Can Market Your Book
Carmen Leal

“This book changed my mindset about self-promotion. I am shy and didn’t want to be pushy, but Carmen helped me see that I am actually helping people when I introduce them to my book. Her material is well organized and has many clever twists on old marketing ideas. I wrote down everything she said to do—and then I did it! My book Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome is selling well because I’ve done lots of promotion including dozens of radio shows and an appearance, as an author, on the Montel Williams TV show! Thanks Carmen!”
Review by Nancy Anderson

Regular $15.00
Our price $11.25


Just Write: an Essential Guide to Launching Your Writing Career
Susan Titus Osborn

“What a wealth of information from a writer who sits on both sides of the publishing desk. . . Susan knows her stuff!”
Bev Lewis, best-selling Heritage of Lancaster County series

“Susan is a fireball of inspiration, information, and good old common sense. This book is the same!”
Bill Myers, best selling author of Blood of Heaven and the McGee and Me video series

Regular $12.00
Our price $7.20

To order call toll-free 1-800-21-WRITE (800-219-7483)

American School of Christian Writing

Three-year Writers’ Course with 36-lessons including everything from beginning to advanced writing and most specialty types in between. It includes marketing, self-editing, contracts books, articles, poetry, curriculum, ghostwriting, time management, computer, queries, proposals, self-publishing and much more.The correspondence course includes 108 cassette teaching tapes and over 1000 examination questions. Students may take all or any part of this course. Instructors include editors from a number of large and well-respected publishing houses.

Writers’ Mini Course is similar to three-year track but costs less, takes less time.

Please call 1-800-21-WRITE or email for a complete lesson list and enrollment forms.

Christian Writers Institute

Founded in 1945 by Robert Walker, this correspondence school provides a hands-on creative learning program. Each student is assigned a mentor/instructor who provides personal coaching. Five different one-year courses are offered. Many students have completed publishable manuscripts by the conclusion of each course. CWI also offers five mini-courses to assist people with less time and lower budgets.

For complete course descriptions and enrollment forms, here.

21st Century Writing Series

Sixteen multi-page instructional mini-books at a great price!

• How to Write Personal Experiences
• Writing Sure-sell Magazine Articles
• Writing Children’s Picture Books
• Writing and Selling Devotions
• Developing Plots for Novels and Short Stories
• Creating Fictional Characters
• Writing Interviews and Personality Profiles
• Writing and Selling Humor
• Small and Easy Ways to Break into Print
• Preparing Book Proposals
• Ghostwriting
• Submitting Your Article to a Publisher
• Marketing Your Manuscript
• How to Select a Good Agent
• Time Management for Writers
• Managing Stress as a Writer

. So You Want To Be a Writer

. Maintaining Momentum After the Conference


1-3: $3.95 each
4-6: $3
7-9: $2.50
10 or more: $2

To order, call 1-800-21-WRITE Free shipping!

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