Christian Writers Institute

Founded in 1945 by Robert Walker and now administered by American Christian Writers, CWI is your passport to a rewarding career in the ministry of writing for publication.

Six courses are offered
• Christian Writing Techniques
• Writing the Christian Novel
• Christian Magazine Writing
• Nonfiction Book Writing
• Christian Fiction Writing
• Writing for Children

Five mini-courses are also available
• Why Query Letters?
• Writing Devotionals
• Magazine Writing Keys
• Writing the Historical Novel
• The Therapeutic Side of Writing

Here’s how to get started

Mini-courses bring maximum results

This series of mini-courses, developed by CWI, is the best bargain around. At the price of only $49—less than the cost of a one day workshop. Each course includes a cassette teaching tape and a 20-30 page study guide containing instruction, practical hints, assignments and marketing information. Sit back and enjoy the tape, then study one chapter at a time completing the exercises.

Writing Devotionals is written by June Eaton and based on a teaching by Joyce Gibson, editor of Anchor Devotionals. This course takes you through the writing of devotionals from start to finish. Chapters tell what a devotional is, how to prepare spiritually to write one, how to write and edit it, and where to send it. Assignments and checklists will help you plan, write, then market your devotional.

Why Query Letters? is written by Laura Watson, writer and aide to the late Jamie Buckingham. She explains why queries are needed and what it should contain. Laura answers questions about queries, provides a sample manuscript format, and furnishes a checklist for your letter. Exercises encourage you to practice, then write a query letter to fit your article, mail it and wait for the editor’s reply.

Q and A’s for Magazine Writing combines the wisdom of two experienced professionals: Harold Myra, past CEO of Christianity Today, and veteran newsman Dave Enlow. Chapters contain tips on getting ideas for articles, structuring the article, choosing a title, writing your query, and interacting with editors. If you complete all the exercises you will have an article ready for submission.

Writing the Historical Novel is written by Esther Vogt, author of 23 novels. Chapters include advice on what to write about, how to research, developing the characters, how to write with realism, how to present your message, then how to rewrite and revise your work. The exercises will train you on how to make your writing convincing.

The Therapeutic Side Of Writing is written by Delores Bius, who has a ministry of teaching people how to write about painful personal experiences. This type of writing provides therapy for both writer and reader. Chapters include definition and examples of therapeutic writing, keeping a journal, and writing under a pen name. Assignments lead you through the steps of choosing the experience, choosing your message, titling it and writing it.

Regular one-year courses

This is a hands-on creative correspondence course of ten lessons with twelve months for completion. You are assigned to an instructor/mentor who will critique your work, answer your questions and help you through each lesson.

The cost for each course including lessons, textbooks, instruction and diploma is $375 for full payment, or three monthly installments of $135 (total $405).

Christian Writing Techniques This course recently updated by Les Stobbe is where all Christian writers should begin. It covers all the beginning basics and provides a good overview of the expansive field of Christian writing. The course contains 38 writing assignments. The three textbooks included are: How To Prepare your Manuscript, Essentials of English and Guidebook To Successful Christian Writing.

Christian Magazine Writing Recently updated by Lin Johnson, this course goes from finding the ideas to writing them to submitting for publication. It includes writing devotionals, feature articles, how-to articles, interviews, and more. The course includes 33 assignments and comes with two textbooks: The Handbook of Magazine Writing and Leads and Story Openings.

Christian Fiction Writing Recently updated by Steven Laube, this course covers such things as plotting, characterization, dialog, how to leave the reader satisfied and how to get it published. There are 53 assignments and the textbook included is How To Write and Sell a Christian Novel.

Writing For Children This course recently updated by Susan Titus Osborn’ covers all types of children’s writing: church school take-home papers, puzzles, fillers, crafts, nature articles, biographies, picture books, easy readers, first chapter books, and short stories. The course includes 24 assignments and Writing for Children and Teens as the textbook.

Writing The Christian Novel Recently updated by Steven Laube, this course has two bonus lessons for a total of 12. It addresses all you need to know in writing your novel including conflict, character development, plot, suspense, flashbacks, and how to develop realism. There are 32 assignments and it comes with Self-Editing For Fiction Writers as the textbook.

Writing the Nonfiction Book Recently written by Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, this manual is almost twice the size of most of the others. Besides covering all the things you would expect, it also covers preparing for a writing career, time management, goal setting and record keeping. There are 20 assignments. Textbook included is On Writing Well.

Enrollment agreement

Please print this off and mail with payment to the address below.



City, State, Zip:


Regular One-Year Course (Check only one)
_______ Christian Writing Techniques
_______ Christian Magazine Writing
_______ Writing For Children
_______ Christian Fiction Writing
_______ Writing The Novel
_______ Nonfiction Book Writing

Enclose payment:
______ Payment in full $375
______ First payment in payment plan $135. (Second payment of $135 due in 30 days, third payment of $135 due 60 days)

Mini-Courses (check all that you want)
_______ Writing Devotionals
_______ Why Query Letters
_______ Magazine Writing
_______ Historical Novel
_______ Therapeutic Side Of Writing

Enclose payment:
______ $49 for each course selected
______ Total

Total enclosed:

Payment by check ______ Visa ______ MasterCard ______ Discover ______

Card number:



Send to:
Christian Writers Institute
PO Box 110390
Nashville, TN 37222-0390

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