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Paper subscription

1. Print off, complete and mail this form to:
American Christian Writers
PO Box 110390
Nashville, TN 37222

2. Include either

a. Check or money order in United States funds

b. Or include credit card information:
Credit Card Type (Visa, etc):
Card Number:
Expiration care:
Three-digit security code (from back of card)

Online subscription

1. Copy and paste form below and fill in information

2. Email to

3. Click button to pay total amount securely with any major credit card through PayPal

Subscribe to The Advance Christian Writer

City, State, Postal code:

Check appropriate box

[ ] One year: $19.95 (Save $3.75 off cover price)

[ ] Two years $36.95 (Save $10.45 off cover price)

[ ] Three years $48 (Save $21.15 off cover price)

Total payment: $


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