With Gentle Authority: Wellsprings of Freedom International


Are you equipped for spiritual battle?


As our culture slowly embroils itself more and more into the dark side of the spirit realm, many within our churches are seeking answers to questions they have never considered asking before. Pastors and lay people alike find themselves in the awkward position of wanting to know more about spiritual warfare and the fear of looking foolish for asking. In a science-driven society, it seems there is little patience for the biblical teaching of an unseen spiritual realm.


Having over twenty-five years of combined experience in spiritual warfare, the authors have written a practical guide to equip the church in how to do inner-healing and freedom ministry in a gentle, yet powerful way. It is a team concept that is easily duplicated and proven to be successful in a variety of denominations and countries. In this book you will learn:


• Why we need this ministry in the church

• A biblical defense for practicing freedom ministry

• A practical guide for how to do successful freedom ministry

• How to establish this ministry in your church

• The spiritual gifts necessary for doing freedom ministry

• The importance of inner-healing toward long term freedom

• How to walk in your new found freedom


With Gentle Authority is not one more “how-to” book of someone’s ideas. This book comes out of the crucible of practice. I have personally met and heard from hundreds who have experienced inner healing as well as training from the Wellsprings of Freedom ministry. The time is now for these principles to be available in print for thousands to receive the hope and healing of Jesus. This is more than just a read—it is a transformational practice.”

Dr. Jo Anne Lyon, general superintendent, The Wesleyan Church


Rev. Tim Howard

Tim is an ordained minister in The Wesleyan Church and founded and launched Wellsprings of Freedom International, where he is currently serving as President. Over the last fifteen years, Tim has led more than twenty-five hundred freedom sessions.


Rev. Brian Burke

Brian serves as an ordained pastor in The Wesleyan Church. He has lead more than fifteen hundred sessions over the last decade. Since 2013, Brian has been serving full-time as the Executive Vice President of Global Ministry for Wellsprings of Freedom International.


To order, contact Wellsprings of Freedom


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